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Nowhere in the Napa Valley will you find a more beautiful setting and a wine tasting experience of this quality and magnitude.  Sunrise Ranch Winery offers the large and showy Tasting Salon with vaulted ceiling, elk horn chandelier, fireplace, wrap-around bar and numerous lounge settings.  Surrounding all sides of the Salon is the Veranda which boasts magnificent views of vineyards and the rolling hills of the southern Napa Valley.  From the Veranda, guests enjoy an unparalleled view of the sunset while they take in the cool breezes from the San Pablo Bay.

Other spaces include the inviting and spacious Ranch Ballroom, with its high ceilings, beautiful woodwork and large windows.  On the second floor is our Observatory Dining Room.  On the ground level is the Ranch Parlor, with its wine-themed décor and an authentic western feel.

For visiting guests preferring the outdoors, the Sunrise Veranda is ideal.  With its redwood tree trunk pillars and expansive views of the vineyards and rolling hills, it provides a memorable backdrop for any wine tasting experience. 

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